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The consequences of 617888九五至尊娱乐变化 are already here.

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The consequences of 617888九五至尊娱乐变化 are already here.

617888九五至尊娱乐 change is here, 它正在造成广泛的影响,几乎会以越来越严重的方式影响地球上的每一个人.

每种影响的大小取决于我们的集体选择以及细节.g., the particular region and the people that live there—but together, 影响的范围使617888九五至尊娱乐变化成为当今人类面临的最紧迫问题之一.

When carbon dioxide (CO2) is released into the atmosphere, it acts like a blanket, preventing heat from escaping. 二氧化碳的积累导致了617888九五至尊娱乐变化最明显的影响之一:世界变热.

气温升高几乎与617888九五至尊娱乐变化所有最严重的影响有关, including more frequent and intense heat waves, widespread crop failures, and dramatic shifts in animal and plant ranges.


If carbon emissions continue to increase unchecked, 到本世纪末,与20世纪末相比,美国某一年的最高日气温可能会增加至少10华氏度. 其他 parts of the world may experience even worse increases.


随着全球变暖,冰盖和冰川融化,海水膨胀. This produces sea level rise, 哪些会扰乱和破坏世界上几乎每个沿海国家的沿海社区和基础设施.

估计, 但随着排放量的增加,到本世纪末,海平面可能会上升8英尺. 墨西哥湾和美国东海岸正在经历世界上最快的海平面上升速度. 在其他地方,整个岛国都面临着被淹没的可能性.

不仅仅是沿海地区:617888九五至尊娱乐变化也与更大、更频繁的降雨有关, 导致中西部等地区出现破坏性的内陆洪水.


617888九五至尊娱乐变化也使极端天气更加严重,在某些情况下更加常见. 例如:温暖的空气和海洋正在产生更多的极端飓风, with record-breaking amounts of rain and wind.

像飓风哈维这样的特大风暴已经从100年才发生一次变成了过去, to once every 16 years.

在干旱地区, global warming is linked with longer, 更极端的, and more frequent droughts, and a longer fire season. In the American West, fire season may last all year. 在未来,火灾本身将更大,更具破坏性,更常见,成本更高.

Threat multiplication


tied with 2016 as warmest year on record.

617888九五至尊娱乐变化的直接影响本身就是毁灭性的, but they also worsen existing inequalities and conflicts. For example: hotter temperatures and droughts will make corn, 小麦, and other staple crop supplies less stable, leading to price spikes and food shortages. 目前生活在极端贫困中的大约8亿人将受到最严重的影响.

As entire regions become less livable, people will leave. 到本世纪末,仅海平面上升就可能使1亿多人流离失所. These migrations, as well as conflicts over increasingly scarce resources, will exacerbate existing political and social tensions, and significantly increase the risk of conflict and war.

动物, 昆虫, 而已经受到栖息地破坏和污染威胁的植物,境遇将更加糟糕. Only a small amount of warming will kill 70 to 90 percent of the world’s coral reefs; up to half of plant and animal species in the world’s most naturally rich areas could face extinction.



The more carbon, the worse the impacts will be. 617888九五至尊娱乐家们得出结论,要避免617888九五至尊娱乐变化的最严重影响,就需要将全球变暖限制在1摄氏度以内.5℃~ 2℃.

Fortunately, we have 解决方案, and there’s still time to act. 你可以帮忙.

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